Gatirri School

(Matamata HLC)

Matamata was first established in the early fifties. In the early 1970's lessons were held under a tree, then after many years of lobbying and negotiation, as well as successful outcomes under adverse conditions, a small building was built by DEET. The school is a focal point of the community. The elders of the community offer unstinting support and are fiercely proud of their school. All children in the community are expected to be at school, attendance / enrolment is usually very high.

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Gatirri School 2002

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Left: Doris Yethun, teacher for 6 years.
Above: A parent actively contributing to the school program.


The Elders of the community involve themselves in all aspects of the school from translating stories into language to cleaning and greening the school grounds. they are proud of their school and fight to keep it strong and active.

"Right from the start we've been asking for a Balanda teacher for English and language and education. That's what I've been saying since 1978. I was a man, but long time ago , 34, 35, 36 years I've been thinking."

We need a balanda teacher so those kids can learn for their future, not just sometimes.Living here you know, for the kids future."

Don Murray 2002

Mala Leader


There is an active health program including including sport, diet, dental health and cleanliness.

The entire community are regularly involved in hunting for a variety of bush and marine foods.

The students are interested, co-operative and respond well to the communities expectations. Most students are keen to improve their skills as a means of strengthening and maintaining their community .


Population: 25 to 35

Location: 120 km East of Elcho Island, on the mainland.

Building: This school building was constructed in 1987, NT DEET funded the materials and construction of the building.

Comments: Matamata residents have for over 25 years stated that they want a teacher permanently living in Matamata.

Notes: Residents strong and vocal, very neat and well maintained community, parents recently bought paint and painted the school. Parents very involved in school .

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