Mirrŋatja Homeland Learning Centre

In the Homelands Rom (culture) is taught as part of life and living. It is seen as essential knowledge, not as an addition to the school program.


Homeland young people grow up proud with a strong Yolŋu identity, and therefore better equipped to resist Western influences.





Here young women are being taught to separate the strands of balkpalk before being woven to make a skirt for a ceremony.


What is a Homeland

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The teachers

2-way Review

02 -04 Att. Patterns

2004 Enrolments

Teacher Development

Lighthouse: Coop

Secondary Provision

Population: 25 to 30

Location: 110 km South of Elcho Island, on the mainland.

Building: The Mirrŋatja Homeland Learning Centre building was constructed in 1984, the residents pooled their resources, bought materials and constructed the school themselves. In 1988 DEET sought tenders for the construction of a new school, the materials were delivered, but the new school was never built by the contractors. Mirrŋatja residents became disillutioned and the school closed for a period.

Even though the original building has been maintained in an exceptionally good condition, it is substandard. There is a need for a new school building.

Comments: Mirrŋatja residents have for over 15 years stated the need for a teacher to be permanently based in Mirr\atja.

Notes: One of the earliest Homelands established by Sheppie in 1965. Large gardens and a very hard working, and extemely determined group of people.

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