Resourcing of Homeland Learning Centres

Over the years it has been difficult recourcing the Homeland Learning Centres.

All though most of the homeland programs began over twenty years ago the HLC's are poorly equipped, having few of the resources usually available in standard classrooms.

Never the less the situation is improving. There are now telephones, half have solar power and most have back up power (supplied by community generators). Some have reticulated water, and some have drop toilets. Three homelands have 2-way satellite links supplied by Telstra.

There are no faxes or photocopiers. Teachers must camp on all visits. This can be challenging for many teachers.


Jason begins his walk to Rorru HLC, approx. 1.5 kilometre.

What is a Homeland

Map of HLC's









The teachers

2-way Review

02 -04 Att. Patterns

2004 Enrolments

Teacher Development

Teacher and students repairing an old classroom.

There is a major issue of keeping up to date with Repairs and Maintenance.

There are few people willing to under take repair and maintenance work in Homelands.

In some cases basic maintenance work has not been carried out for twenty years.



Lighthouse: Coop

Secondary Provision

Licences & VET




Last year Jackie started a shop in the school so learning for the students would be contextualised.

He had to buy his own computer so he could internet bank, because computers are not available to homeland schools.
How many teachers are so commited to their children?

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