Two-Way Learning Schools

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Review & Accreditation Process


What is a Homeland

Map of HLC's


Point 2.4

The develpoment of intellectually challenging resources


See Yuta Gonydjuy, The New Honey, At the CrossRoads, New Wax and Guku. This original story was written by Gotha, a parent from Gäwa Homeland.

This story describes a metaphor that encourages discussion and thoughtful reflection on the conflict between Yolŋu and Western cultures. It challenges the notion that we should be careful as to the paths we choose to follow in life's journey.

The metaphor has been used to produce five books of varying difficulty to match the abilities of the students.

See: Djuranydjura an ancestral story from the mainland adjacent to Galiwin'ku. The story was told to the Mäpuru children by Gätji.

The story is a metaphor exploring different world views towards land tenure and that the need to be thoughtful in accepting gifts and new ways from strangers.









The teachers

2-way Review

02 -04 Att. Patterns

Point 7.1

That the school develops and implements PD programs, planning together sessions, moderation sessions,



The Homeland Section has organised PD covering WTT (Walking, Talking, Texts), for each term this year, and regular moderation sessions during each term.

2004 Enrolments

Teacher Development

Lighthouse: Coop

Point 9.1

Yolŋu staff in Senior management positions


The one Yolŋu in a senior management position is the ET2 Homelands.

Secondary Provision

Licences & VET



Point 9.6

On going commitment to moderation procedures.


In mid term One 2002 the Homelands Section developed a yearly timtable for implementation of moderation procedures.




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