What is a "Home-Land-Centre"

A Home-Land is where:

  • families live on their ancestral, custodial  land
  • people and their land are one flesh
  • families feel the presence of their predecessors
  • Elders have authority to make decision
  • families feel safe and secure
  • families can build a future for their children
  • children listen to their elders
  • there is NO: kava, petrol sniffing, marijuana, cards, disco, young pregnancy, suicide,


  • A Home-Land is where families have struggled against and resisted the enormous bureaucratic pressures to centralise, because they have a future on their land. Families say they have not future in the mission on some one else's land.

What is a Homeland

Map of HLC's









The teachers

2-way Review

02 -04 Att. Patterns

2004 Enrolments

Teacher Development

Lighthouse: Coop

Secondary Provision

Licences & VET







In a Homeland

..... there is freedom.

















Playing on the Ba]'thula beach, backward somersaults after netting fish for dinner. (Sept. 2000)

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